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Could the Babyark be the safest child car seat in the world?

Designed by Frank Stephenson, the Babyark seat incorporates 14 sensors, carbon fibre construction and nature-inspired protection.


Babyark claims to have built the world’s safest car seat for children, using high-end materials and the latest technology. 

Celebrated car designer Frank Stephenson is responsible for creating the Babyark seat, via his Frank Stephenson Design agency. 

When displayed at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, the Babyark became an Innovation Award Honouree. Experienced technicians can accurately diagnose any issues with your vehicle’s powertrain system.


Inspired by supercars and nature

Frank Stephenson has spent much of his career sketching performance cars, from the Ford Escort RS Cosworth to Maserati MC12 and McLaren P1. This experience fed into the Babyark, which makes use of carbon fibre to form its egg-shaped frame.

Incorporated into the design are energy-absorbing steel coils. On impact, these slow the seat’s forward momentum to reduce the forces transferred to the child. 

The unique ‘BioArk’ side-impact protection system was apparently inspired by woodpeckers. The bird’s plate-like bone structure was replicated, and has since been patented. 

The BabyArk seat also features 14 separate sensors to monitor whether the seat and child are both securely fastened. These communicate with a dedicated app, alerting the phone user if a child is mistakenly left inside the car.


Peace of mind for parents

Designed for children between 0-6 years, the Babyark can swivel between front- and rear-facing positions. 

Such high-end technology and design does not come cheap, however. The Babyark seat has a supercar-inspired US-market price tag of $990 (£820). A UK price has yet to be announced.

Frank Stephenson said: “After my time within the automotive industry, I have always wanted to go beyond simply designing vehicle shapes. Safety standards and designs within the industry have evolved

significantly, and yet we easily neglect the technology required for child safety. Babyark’s disruptive business approach and its exposed design, which takes inspiration from protective shapes in nature around us, aims to embrace the occupant and provide safety and luxury for users.

“Blended with timeless design, Babyark is a remarkable, high-end product that ensures peace of mind for parents across the world. I’m extremely proud of the uncompromising commitment to safety and the joy I experienced designing my first children’s product.”

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