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Heating and Air Conditioning Services


Stay Comfortable in Any Season with Our Expert HVAC Solutions

We are your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs in Philomath, OR. Our skilled mechanics specialize in providing top-quality heating and air conditioning services for both diesel and auto vehicles. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or installations, our team is here to keep you comfortable in every season.

Expert Technicians in Philomath, OR:

Our team of expert mechanics in Philomath, Newport, Lewisburg, Wren, Blodgett, Corvallis, and Alsea, OR brings years of experience and in-depth knowledge of HVAC systems. We understand the unique requirements of diesel and auto heating and cooling, and we have the expertise to handle all types of HVAC issues.

Comprehensive HVAC Solutions:

From diagnosing and fixing heating problems to troubleshooting air conditioning issues, we offer comprehensive HVAC solutions to keep your vehicle’s climate control systems running efficiently.

Quality Repairs and Maintenance:

Using the latest diagnostic tools and high-quality replacement parts, we conduct repairs and maintenance with precision and care. Our goal is to ensure your HVAC system functions optimally for a comfortable driving experience.

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Services:

Heating Repairs and Services:

Don’t let the cold weather leave you shivering in your vehicle. Our heating services ensure that your heater operates flawlessly, providing you with warm and cozy rides.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Services:

Stay cool during hot summers with our air conditioning services. We diagnose and fix AC problems to keep you comfortable even on scorching days.

HVAC System Inspections:

Regular HVAC system inspections can catch potential issues early on. Our thorough inspections help prevent major problems and ensure optimal performance.

HVAC Installations and Upgrades:

Need a new HVAC system or looking to upgrade? We offer professional installations and recommend energy-efficient options to enhance your driving experience.

Cabin Air Filter Replacements:

Breathe clean and fresh air inside your vehicle with our cabin air filter replacements, keeping allergens and pollutants at bay.